Title: Invs

a game by palpalpalpal


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Sources for Invs (188 Kb, zipped)

These files are copyright 2001 Philippe-Andre Lorin. I will probably put them under something like the GPL soon; anyway you may reuse parts of them. The authentication code routine is missing in order to prevent cheating, as well as tmd.c and tmd.h which are copyright 1997 Sony Computer Entertainment.

The sources include a level editor, as well as screenshot, replay and cheat facilities. They are provided as is and are not ready-to-compile. The code is very ugly because Invs was intended at first to be a smaller game that would fit in just one file and be knocked up in a few days. It ended up growing over months.

Feel free to ask me anything about this. I will especially be happy to explain any obscure code (if I still can that is).



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